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Emacs: Getting started with zk, using hydra and an inbox note

This post inaugurates a series of video demos in which I will show how I use the Emacs package zk for notetaking. The emphasis will be on showcasing the practicalities of my process.


In this video I show how I use a hydra as an entry point to my zk. The config for my hydra is here, in my dotfiles.

I also show how I use an “inbox” note as a starting place for new notes. For more on the place of the inbox in a notetaking practice, see section 2.1 of How to Take Smart Notes by Sönke Ahrens.1

In the next video, I will show how I use the function zk-find-file and others in combination with Embark to quickly find notes and insert links — with a minimum of effort!

  1. Sönke Ahrens, How to Take Smart Notes: One Simple Technique to Boost Writing, Learning and Thinking (North Charleston, SC: CreateSpace, 2017). ↩︎